First M5Stack game with Cloud Saving!

  • Hello! Yesterday I started writing my first game. It is very basic and I am a veterinarian, so obviously I have no idea what I'm doing (seriously!!). In between CT scans of dogs, I have managed to write a tiny portion of this game, that I hope in the future will come pre-installed with m5stack (ahahah). Yesterday I didn't even know how to do a menu (well I still don't know how to do it correctly) and today I can almost save to a cloud! If I keep this up in a week or two I'll have something more playable. So far you can only do basic stuff, but more is coming :D !
    The game can be found here:

    I will try and update it at least once a week, preferably more often

    If anyone needs help installing it just ask me. Easiest way is via ampy, or via uiflow (just copy paste the code and the try it via upload)

  • @lastcaress
    Thank you for sharing you project.
    Do you fancy filling in the forum icebrake thread?
    link text

  • done!

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