Lesson 14.2. UI Flow. Burning with Mac

  • The purpose of this lesson

    Hi! Today we will learn how to flash M5 using macOS (figure 1).

    Figure 1

    This lesson will teach you how to: update the M5 firmware using the macOS operating system.

    Let's start!

    The first thing to do is to visit the official website https://m5stack.com, then select Explore [1] (figure 2), Download [2] from the top menu.

    Figure 2

    The first thing to download is the driver [1] (figure 3) and the program [2].

    Figure 3

    Once the driver download is complete. Open the file as shown in figure 4.

    Figure 4

    Proceed according to the screenshots in figures 5-5.6.

    Figure 5

    Figure 5.1

    Figure 5.2

    Figure 5.3

    Figure 5.4

    Figure 5.5

    Figure 5.6

    Great! Drivers are installed. You must now allow the operating system to run third-party applications. To do this, open the search [1] (figure 6), then find the Terminal application.app and start it by pressing Enter [2].

    Figure 6

    Now write the line below and press Enter (figure 6.1).

    sudo spctl --master-disable

    Figure 6.1

    Good! Now click on the Apple in the upper left corner [1] (figure 6.2), then open System Preferences... [2], then open Security & Privacy [3].

    Figure 6.2

    Make sure you have the radio check box set to Anywhere (if not, check it) (figure 6.3).

    Figure 6.3

    Now go back to the browser to downloads [1] (figure 7) and open the file with the Ctrl key pressed [2].

    Figure 7

    So, now connect your device to your Mac with a USB cable. Select the most current SOFTWARE version and click on the Flash [1] button (figure 7.1). At the end of the process, the indicator will be completely painted [2].

    Figure 7.1

    Once the device is flashed - disconnect the cable from the Mac and press the red button (the same power button) on the M5. That's it!


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  • Hello there, I am not <ble to run the M5 Burner on my Mac(Mojave 10.14.12) I installed but when the program is launched it only opens a blank window named M5 Burner and the only "clickables" are shrink and quit. Any idea where to look ? I can't burn the UI Flow firmware from the UI Flow IDE either. It keeps telling me to download the firmware before, which I assumed is by clicking on the desired firmware in the menu. I can erase the module, so there is communication between the Mac and the target. Even though it is bot reliable, sometimes it works only after 3 or 4 attempts.