Lesson 1.2. LCD. Show picture

  • This lesson focuses on the integrated LCD display. We will learn how to display an image on the screen of the array of pixel colors.

    Step 1. Create a new sketch in the Arduino IDE. select New in the File menu (Fig. 1.1);

    alt text
    Figure 1. Create a new sketch

    Step 2. Print the logo on the device screen by calling the following functions (Fig. 2). Note gImage_logoM5 variable is an array from the library M5Stack.h that contains the logo image of the device. One way of obtaining such array is given in the next lesson;

    alt text
    Figure 2. Using M5.Lcd.drawBitmap();

    Step 5. Click the Upload button (figure 3) in order to flash the device;

    alt text
    Figure 3. Download the firmware to the device

    Step 6. When the device firmware is completed, the device screen will appear our logo (Fig. 4).

    alt text
    Figure 4. Logo М5Stack on the device screen

  • Can we get some clarification on this like where the logo is stored and how its created?

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