M5Fire - No USB COM.

  • Hello,

    I've just received my M5Fire, followed the instructions about the driver/arduino IDE libs & boards but I'm still not able to connect to the device (Windows 10x64)

    No Com port detected, tried with 2 differents cables (USB A<->USB C). I also tried to turn the C side of the cable (advice seen on the forum).

    Any idea?

    Thank you.

  • @jlab

    I tried several NEW leads before I found one that works.
    Try a capacitor between rst and gnd
    "Phone Charger" leads do not work.

  • @ajb2k3 , thank you for your answer.

    How did U manage to connect the capacitor?

    If i unscrew the back of the M5Fire, I do get access to the 2x15 connector. but there is no room to connect a capacitor and screw the back. If I do not screww the back, module won't start (even with USB plugged)

  • You just push it into the RST and GND pin in the base. this only works on the core.

    Yes looks like you need to solder it to the pins in the base.
    Have you installed the CP2x driver yet?

    As a last try you will need a USB to UART adapter which M5Stack has now just added an approved model to their store.

  • Yes drivers are installed.
    I would like to avoid soldering as it is under waranty. The issue that can be fixed with a capacitor is on all FIRE models?

    If not I prefer to send back the module and order another one.

    One more question : Is it normal that the screen part of the module is not able to boot even with USB plugged in if back cover is not stacked?

  • I solved the same problem by putting a capacitor between Gnd and Gpio0. And i turned the USB-Plug many times around.
    But now it starts as it should.

    I took the backside off and plugged the capacitor in without soldering. (Maybe therefor i had to try several times)

    Very strange and not funny for people with lesser frustration tolerance.

  • @dreitagebert said in M5Fire - No USB COM.:

    Very strange and not funny for people with lesser frustration tolerance.

    I have a very low frustration tolerance.

  • M5Stack

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  • My case (Fire version) does not allow me to reach the internal connector from the outside.

    I've ordered a grey "version".