• Hi all, here my fried M5Stick can I save it?

  • M5Stack

    How is it fried, what happened? nothing appears on the screen? does the LED light up? have you tried re-flashing it.

  • how does it burn?
    does it let out smoke?

  • Yes smoke from this regulator (I think) I was playing with lidar lite v3 connected via I2C 0_1546644917751_ACD5CE19-5B49-4CAA-BAA1-9162251ECD67.jpeg

  • You may be able to replace it if you have the tools but there is a chance that something else broke.
    You also need to look into why it burnt.

  • @ajb2k3 what this component is?

    I was connecting lidar lite v3 PWM to M5Stick grove connector where the Stick start being hot...

  • @cepics I don't know as Mine has only just been dispatched. I think the Lidr may need to be powered separately to stick.

  • @lukasmaximus Am I reading the schematics correct?
    It looks like a NPN8050 transistor connected to the microphone.

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