Review "PROTO"

  • Consider one of the many modules for M5Stack - "PROTO" (Fig. 1). Buy it now on Aliexpress

    alt text
    Figure 1. The PROTO module is composed of base and finishing modules

    This module is a plastic gray frame, which has means of screws circuit Board with one connector 2 to 15 (Fig. 2, 3).
    On the frame on the right side (Fig. 4) there is a recess under the sticker (not included) and a cavity under a flat-blade screwdriver for easy removal of a module, because due to connector 2 of 15 modules are kept pretty tight. Left side there is a plastic grille (Fig. 4). Top and bottom three holes (Fig. 5).
    Designed this module to create your own extensions for M5Stack.

    alt text
    Figure 2. View of module top

    alt text
    Figure 3. The module on the back side

    alt text
    Figure 4. The module side

    alt text
    Figure 5. View of the bottom module

    You can download additional materials from GitHub the link

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