M5Stack SERVO Module 12 Ch - change I2C address

  • Hello there,
    I just saw the new M5Stack New SERVO Module 12 Channels on aliexpress and i would like to use it for an animatronic project but have more than 12 Servos.

    Does anyone have experience with the module yet and can tell me if the i2c Adress is changeable?
    The Stacking option of the M5 helps me a lot getting the necessary hardware ready but if i am limited to 12 Servos i am stuck.


  • if you have usb isp, i can provide hex file to change i2c addr

  • That sounds perfect - yes i have an usb isp :D

    Just a sneak preview of the animatronic robot (this is a "just for fun" project ...)
    Bild Text


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