comments on uiflow and m5go

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  • I have a question, maybe stupid but i'm a noob :)
    I have burned m5go, all is ok. I can connect with uiflow.
    But can i use arduino IDE to make my sketches and upload them on the m5 and have an access with a menu as like in uiflow ?
    I need more practice with blocks before i can use uiflow.

    Thank you

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    @fameuhly Hey not a stupid question at all. Uiflow uses micropython therefore the arduino sketches are not compatible. Whenever you upload an arduino sketch to the M5 it will overwrite the UIflow firmware or any other firmware or previously uploaded program. Therefore you would have to reflash the UIflow firmware on your device. If you wish to have multiple arduino programs to select from in a list on the M5 you can consider trying out the M5EZ or M5-multi-app firmwares.

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    @jpilarski Hey, glad you are enjoying 7.1. Yes the remote function is a little buggy at the moment, I think it is to do with the url generated being too long. This issue will be solved once we set up a dedicated server for the remote function. Great suggestions, the SD function is definitely possible but it is a way off yet. Our priority right now is enabling save and upload of programs to the flow website. We will setup a Ui flow page on github mainly for bug tracking at this point but it would be good to see user created blocks in the future.

  • Just wondering if there is any chance to include the RFCOMM code and to enable bluetooth over UART. I would like to use the Remote capabilities but I would really like to do it over bluetooth. I know other esp32 boards offer bluetooth capabilities using micropython. Any chance you can make some blocks which expose some very basic bluetooth communication. thanks

  • New to M5Go and I have issues connecting my unit to my home wifi. My AP use wpa2-psk. Is that the issue?
    How can I change the M5Go to use this?
    I have connected other esp32 units to the same wifi network without issues.

  • M5Stack

    @kma_jg does your wpa2 password use any special characters? this was an issue reported by another user

  • Looks like this seems to be the best thread for UIFlow comments and feature requests. So here are a few of my requests/comments.

    1. I would like to see a bit more control of the UIFlow internal RGB Neopixels on the m5stack Fire. Using the Rgb module under Hardwares, I can only set left, right, or the individual neopixels to a color. I don't see a way to set the individual neopixel (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) to a variable so I could loop through them and have a rainbow affect of colors. This seems possible if using the external neopixel unit.
      Rgb blocks:
      0_1544633758259_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 10.24.36 AM.png
      Neopixel blocks:
      0_1544646202192_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.15.27 PM.png
    1. In the IMU module, what is left/right "titl"? Is that a type-o for "tilt" (i.e. for tilt detection) or does it mean something else? I see you fixed the type-o. Thanks!
      It would also be good to have other detectors. Makecode has these:
      0_1544647225604_Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 3.39.44 PM.png
    1. I would suggest the Timer value be milliseconds instead of seconds.
    1. More options for drag-and-drop graphics in the upper left of UIFlow. Along with Title, Label, Rect, Circle, and Image, add ability for Line, Triangle, Ellipse, Arc, and Polygon.

    2. Load more Examples

  • I would like to request that color is defined in the blocks in a way that allows the user to select one of 2 color block options

    1. you can add color by using a general color swatch selector like you have currently on most blocks
    2. you can add an RGB block that allows color to be treated as variables.
      I feel like these two color options should be broken out as two color blocks that can be added onto the blocks as needed. Currently you have color broken out as three variables in some of the ui blocks but in none of the graphics blocks and this is limiting. What I am suggesting is all tools requiring color require the user to add on a color block and the color block can be one of these two types (color swatch, or RGB variables). I think this can help make the interface cleaner since you don't have to have all these redundant blocks but rather a single block with the option to select how color is to be defined. This gives the user way more programming options since they can opt to use a swatch when needed or to use RGB number values or variables if needed.

    Also I think you need a list block to define the length of an array. It would also be great to have a block for list pop.

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