M5Stack Fire pinout

  • Background: I'm using M5Stack (the "normal" version) in conjunction with Mongoose-OS sucessfully, but now I've got a M5Stack Fire and without changes, the software won't run as there are now some GPIO pins used for other purposes, so I have to switch to other solutions. PSRAM works fine (to prevent mentioning this matter). But I didn't find any possibility to compare which GPIOs are used on the M5Stack and which on the M5Stack Fire (and their purposes) I only found the standard M5Stack pinouts - is there any chance of retreiving such a list?

  • @mamuesp

    You cannot use GPIOs 16&17 on M5Stack with psRAM as they are used to access psRAM.

  • Thanks, but I'm already aware of this fact (it's the same on the ODROID-GO), but there has to be some other conflicts when using standard I2C. Because my setings runs on M5Stack and (with some adaptions) on ODROID-GO, but not on M5Stack Fire

  • Unfortunately there is no help in this matter?

  • @mamuespM5Stack Fire pinout 中说:

    Unfortunately there is no help in this matter?

    What is the conflict?
    Is a device address issue?
    Have you tried changing the address of the items on i2c?

  • @mamuesp
    The Fire comes with a small leaflet in the box. Check the Schematic page for GPIO numbers of connected devices.