New M5stack Show MPU ERRORs

  • This is a brand new M5Stack. On attaching a usb power bank the M5Stack Logo screen appears, then a list of errors:
    MPU9250 ERROR
    AK8963 ERROR
    Wifi RSSI ok
    SDCard ERROR
    ADC34: Various numbers
    ADC35: Various numbers
    ADC34: 0000

    I have been through the forum entry "Let's start! Hello world"
    When I upload the Arduino sketch. I get "....._____" x10 returned, with a communications error message, which I have seen before using a ESP32 chip, that was fixed using the boot/enable button.
    Have I got a Hardware problem?
    The funny thing is this is the second M5stack that I have bought with exactly the same problem.
    I'm pretty sure that I am doing the installation correctly.
    Am I just unlucky, stupid or is there an generic M5stack problem

  • @ikapoc May I know the devices you have is the Black Basic one or the Grey one ? That list of errors is just a factory testing program and it is normal for the basic version.

    Btw, both your two M5stack all have the '....._____' returned problem ? Have you checked all steps install correctly as our github showed?

  • @Teresa These devices are both Black. Both had the same problem when trying to upload a sketch. One of them has since died. Yes I have checked through all the steps shown on github, but still getting time out errors.

  • @ikapoc If for black basic version, that the error info is normal due to the black one do not have MPU9250 motion sensor. Don't worry, it just a factory testing program. To avoid making customers confused, we have already changed it.

    Btw, about the problem one, it can not upload any program right ? Did you buy in our store ?

  • @Teresa No I bought one from Banggood and the other from Amazon. I think the problems are all to do with the connectors to the back panel. I have found that applying pressure to the back has gradually allowed the +5V to rise to its proper level, as if the battery is charging. I shall see if the other one has the same problem.


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