Fire vs Gray?

  • I am considering getting a M5Stack to teach programming and robotics to kids, and noticed that a new version is coming out tomorrow: the M5Stack Fire. Looking at the specs, it looks like the new version has a better battery and that the MPU9250 that was included in the "gray" version was replaced with a MPU6050 and MAG3110 to provide the same capabilities. Any idea why? Was there a problem with the 9250 devices?
    As a separate question, can you suggest a simple robotics tutorial for the M5Stack?

  • Has it replaced the ftdi chip?

  • from what I could find, the specs are identical except for 2 changes: the replacement of the 9250 with 2 chips (the MPU6050 and the MAG3110); and the upgrade of the battery (150 mAh to 600 mAh)

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