FactoryTest.ino fails to compile from new Arduino Installation and W10, others ok

  • Other examples compile ok, except the factorytest with all new installation.... from the zip backup.

    Library problem.....
    Any suggestions, idea, to help and recompile the good factorytest.ino example ...

    Waiting for your support and have a good day...
    Best regards

  • @jp Hi JP,

    I just tested flashing FactoryTest... Im running the latest m5stack library version 0.1.9

    It worked fine for me....

    I had previously updated the M5Stack library to 0.1.9 via Arduino menu - Sketch / Include Libraries / Manage Libraries

    I loaded FactoryTest from the list of examples for the M5Stack. So from the Arduino menu that would be: File / Examples / M5Stack / Basics / FactoryTest

    Perhaps try loading it that way rather than via - Add .ZIP Libraries

    I am sure I read something a while ago that suggested that loading using the ZIP files can cause issues under certain circumstances.

  • Great thanks..You are right : add the zip Library fails, and cause my problems.
    As you suggest with Include ..
    It compiles now ok.

  • @jp No problem JP !!