IP5306 getting hot, latchup? Bodge-Job on th PCB!

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    I just received my M5Stack with the faces. What I noticed, after I took it apart and reassembled it, the IP5306 was getting hot and even after shutting it off, it staid hot. I also noticed there may be a capacitor missing, not sure, looks odd, hand soldered,... .


    I disconnected the battery and took a photo. Can anyone tell me how to solve the problem, maybe where I can find that schematics and if a cap is missing, or latch-up is a problem with the IP5306? Did something latched up is you stack the modules without disconnecting the battery?

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  • I removed the battery, the pad's are shorted out, can anyone tell me if that is normal? Maybe someone can send me a picture of his unit? I guess I got a bad one, so how can I fix it, is there a schematic?


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  • @seppel
    Hi Seppel,

    Is there a solder bridge between G and 5V ? Is this what you are referring to ? Looks like there may be but i can't be sure from the pic.

    Did you do a buzz test (continuity test ) with a multimeter ? Defintely worth doing to confirm whether it is actually active and is a real problem.

    There definitely should not be a solder bridge there between G and 5V. A bit of careful re-soldering of that joint should do the trick - if indeed it is an active solder bridge.

    As far as I'm aware schematics have not been released for the FACES model.

    You speculated about a missing cap, but I don't know what location on the board you were referring to. Perhaps some directions? I doubt they just missed adding a cap.

  • Hello,

    I found some pictures on the web, the pads are not populated and yes it is a short!! I removed the short with some fluxed solderwick and hope nothing is damaged by the short.

    Hopefully the M5Stack-team respondes on how that could happen in production and releases the schematics and placement of parts.

    Something else that is really odd, on the Keypad there is no bypass capacitor for the Atmel Microcontroller!

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