M5Camera and vlc

  • Hi!
    Type B camera out of the box, Vlc 3.0.6 works in browser. works to get a still image in vlc. contrary to suggestions does not work in vlc.

    Wrong url or do i need to set some vlc parameters?

  • Ok so it seems that Vlc will never be able to decode the http stream as it's not really a stream just consecutive jpeg images.
    So I turned to rtsp instead and the micro-rtsp project.
    I used the instructions here mgo-tech.com, to install Arduino IDE and ESP plugin (translated by google), take care to use correct pin mapping, I used that instruction as it is for M5Camera type b the same as I have.
    Tried the CameraWebServer also, much nicer then the original software.

    Followed instructions here hackster.io to get a http/rtsp server. Worked fine except the picture was the wrong way around for my application so I copied a few lines from the CamereaWebServer example to flip it vertical and Horisontal and lowered resolution to vga.
    Works fine with Vlc but a bit more sensetive to fast movement then the http stream.

    Why may you ask? Vlc got recording and is easily implemented in my project.