Servo and Lego?

  • So I had grand plans of incorporating both the servo and lego modules into a robot of some sort. Maybe this is an old issue but the max voltages are different (Don't remember the specifics ATM) and the external DC supplies are passed through the connector from one module to the next... I've verified it with a meter and it seems to be the case. Additionally if the voltage is exceeded on the servo module DC input, this is likewise passed to the servo motors themselves--it does not appear to be regulated to 6v.

    I was fully prepared to run two different DC packs with the stack but... Is there any plans to maybe make a removable jumper in rev2 (or whatever next version it is?) to isolate the DC inputs from one another. I would like to run the Lego at the full 9 or 12v (again I'm not recalling the max) and be able to safely run the servo module. I am not opposed to running a second stack if I could make it work fast enough.

    Thank in Advance.