Missing step

  • Hi all,

    I hope my issue is not resolved anywhere in this forum. I don't think so ...

    My goal is to be able to use M5stack exactly as I use the ESP-WRover-kit.

    I cannot figure how to develop without Arduino, I mean only with make and esp-idf.
    I acheieved to git clone M5stack component but :

    1. I don't know where the M5stack-IDF directory should be located
    2. When I issue the make menuconfig command, I cannot see any Arduino option with which to select for instance the "Disable mutex locks for HAL"

    I may have missed a step but I cannot find which one nor any more helpful hint.

    Thanks in advance for any helps

  • For anyone interested this topic - using ESP-IDF with the M5Stack - was discussed here:


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