Using native idf instead of arduino

  • Hi

    Is there anything special I need to do to use idf instead of arduino?

    I realise Arduino is simpler but to be honest the programming for me is not an issue. I have a background in C programming amongst other languages.

    The main reason I am looking at switching is because the BLE libraries appear to be so flaky that for my use case I need to get back to basics and just use idf ble support.


  • Has anyone been able to use the m5 stack arduino library in idf app?

    Using IDF i was able to get around the crappy ble issues that are in the arduino ble libs but i cant use the screen or buttons now.



  • Ok having had no responses i think i will try and use the code for m5 as an idf component.

    If anyone has already done this then let me know. Idf is a much better environment then arduino however i do understand alot of people get scared writing code

  • Hi Rob,
    I think you will have to start with flashing bootloader (or how its called on esp32) so native IDF would recognize it.
    Keep in mind that some of pins are used by perepherials of M5Stack device
    Anyways keep us updated, I also want more options with M5Stack I find it as great AIO device, just needs a bit more flex to code it with anything suits you most