Hissing Noise from Loudspeaker

  • When I start/reset my M5Stack Fire I get an audible hissing noise. This is not the case with my M5Stack basic unit.

    It's loud enough to be annoying. Is this a fault, or a feature?

  • I purchased this only a few days ago here in germany from your Partner firm Conrad, (under their own Maker Factory brand). The serial number sticker has faded badly in the 4 days since I bought it (bizzare!), but the number 0441 is still readable, if this is of any help in tracing the fault.

  • Try to remove battery bottom and turn it on with usb power supply only (:

  • M5Stack

    Due to hardware flaws, sometimes when interfacing with some of the units there is an audible hiss. Unfortunately since it is a hardware flaw the only solution is to use code to reduce the volume of the hiss.

    in Arduino it should be something like

    dac0 = machine.DAC(25)