M5Stack Gray reboots when USBC power removed

  • Hi all, I have purchased 4 units of M5 Stack, those gray color with MPU9250 to migrate some of my projects. It is a great product. However, what I find to be a showstopper is when I unplug the USB-C cable, the M5 reboots. It does no matter the battery is fully charged or not. The M5 are useless this way as I plan to use in a car, and the USB power comes from a converter using switched 12V wire. All 4 units behaves the same.

    I would like to know if this is a IP5306 issue, or a USB DTR/RTS issue. Also the way to fix this.
    Without this issue, it is the perfect encased unit for my projects.

  • I have tried jumping the Reset pin to +3.3V, but it still reboots when I unplug the USB cable:

    • Internal battery; powered on. Connect the USB cable = no reboot.
    • Internal battery; powered on. Disconnect the USB cable = immediate reboot.

  • On the main pcb is a white square with a date on it. what does you have written there?

  • Tnx;
    It has "2018.3" on the small white square.

  • @barky919 Please contact M5Stack support and tell them your issues including this reference date.

  • II have same problem. Date is 2018.3 on board

  • Just found this on Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/lovyan03/status/1162512607279890434


    Using google translate:
    Insert a 2200μF capacitor between 3v3 of M5Stack and GND for USB insertion / extraction test. It succeeded in the normal bottom, and it worked as it was without resetting even if USB was removed.

  • Thank you, will try today.