Help a newbie choose a core

  • Hi! I’m a newbie to IoT devices like this, but I need to build a small datalogger for some medical equipment. I am unsure which core is best for me. Here’s my requirements:

    Based on these few requirements, can you suggest a core module? I think that a few of them will work, but I’m not sure which one has the best battery life?

    Best, John

  • Any M5 controller has rs232 capabilities (UART) but I dont think DB9 connector is something you will need to adapt pre-made cable, re:battery life then Core with battery bottom would be possibly best (size of battery) Core has sd card slot too.

  • @robski Actually there is a DB9 layer (see here) which is nice. I don't want to have to do soldering and have dangling wires and stuff.

    But what about battery life? Do you know which core has best battery life?

  • @medicollector good one, didn't know they do DB9 extension. Core has good size battery but all depends on your project needs really, You can always try external battery for it like powerbank or something