I've found a method to program Core S3 using Python.

  • I've found a method to program Core S3 using Python.
    I'm interested in getting feedback if anyone has a better method.

    1. Install UIFlow2.0 using m5Burner
    2. Go to uiflow2.m5stack.com
    3. Click on the python tab, </>
    4. Click on Read Mode
    5. Edit your Python code
    6. Click on "Download the program to device"
    7. It will start automatically.
    8. Repeat from 5 until you programming is done.

    If you click on "Read Mode"/"Custom Edit", you will lose your code changes.
    I have NOT found a method of transfering files instead, so I am using Copy & Paste at the moment.

    I did NOT find any debugger so I'm using print() instead.

    Not much documentation online, but UIFlow creates Python code, which you can simplify and reuse.

    You need to check these links: MicroPython and Core S3

  • Micropython has been accessible since the early versions as UIFlow is built on Micropython.
    The very best way is to use Thonny which allows you to add libraries and edit code without UIFlows IDE

    By the way, Thanks for linking to my guide and another is on its way but you can check out my GITHUB for updates.

  • @christer

    I have been using the Arduino IDE to create and compile and transfer code to my CoreS3.
    Very simple.

    There are lots if GutHub examples written ro this IDE.