M5stickC plus Save power

  • Hi everybody.,

    I am working on making the m5stickC plus run as energy-efficiently as possible.


    The above code is possible to save energy on the m5stickC plus.

    0_1705145894762_Schermafbeelding 2024-01-13 123458.png

    Now I use external modules that are connected to the 5Vout. actually I want the 5Vout to go out too.
    The DOCS of m5stick states that you can communicate with the AXP192 Chip via I2C (21,22).
    With this I want to disable the IPSout and enable it again.

    What code can I use for this? And do you have any more ideas about what I can do?
    I program in VScode and with an extension vscode-m5stack-mpy

    P.S. I asked AI to write some code for this and came up with the following
    as you probably understand the code doesn't work

  • At the moment I am using the following code to save energy.

    screenlight turn off, not the backlight.

    wifi turn off
    wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)

    but still the total curent use is 150-200mA