M5 Atom QR-Code Scanner Factor Reset Broke Device

  • I've been using the QR-Code scanner successfully, and all my code works in the M5 Atom. It's
    amazing that that small device can run all the same software as my M5 (minus the display). I have
    MQTT and BLE working nicely.

    Anyway, I have a version that interacts with the QR-Code scanner. My version is based on the ATOMQR_UART_CMD.cpp code. I was trying to get the device to "mute" on startup, and actually had it working for a short time (until the factor reset I'll describe next).

    Here is my issue:

    Now the device will not work. This means no lights and no scanning.

    The M5 Atom still works (MQTT and BLE) but it doesn't QR Scan anymore.

    QUESTION: is there a way to get the device back working through the arduino download?