CE/RED certification for european market

  • Our company is interested in selling or incorporating some m5stack products (M5Dial, for example) in our products. But we dont find any information about CE certification (including RED for radio) for the products. Is there some docs about that?

  • Hi,
    I contacted support and suggested adding the certifications directly on the product page like other manufacturers (e.g. Raspbery).
    Certifications are always required in civil and industrial projects.
    They asked me which SKUs I want certifications for and I'm waiting for a response.

    They assured me that the products are ready for production use but many of them seem like prototyping products to me.

    If others have experience with production use, maybe give us some suggestions.

    PS: I would like to add that months ago I asked a question similar to yours here but I didn't receive any response:

    Thank you

  • Support sent me certifications for K128, K010-AWS, K034.
    The others are modules without certifications.
    So contact support directly, they are quick to respond and will send you the required certificates.