ATOM Lite esp32-pico-d4 5V tolerant inputs?

  • The ATOM Lite has a 5V output for the GROVE port but the esp32-pico-d4 uC datasheet says the max digitals high level input is VDD+0.3. The ATOM Lite is powering the ESP32 with 3.3V so that means the max voltage on the i2c SCL & SCA pins would be 3.6V.

    Why does the ESP32 output 5V on the GROVE port it if can't accept 5V digital inputs. Do all i2c devices require their own 5V -> 3.3V step down converter then?

  • Hello @LukeS

    yes, that is correct, a step down converter is required.

    I think the reason behind the decision to have 5 V on the Groove port is to be able to deliver more energy. In the original M5Stack the 5 V are coming directly from USB whereas the 3.3 V comes from the internal regulator which is limited in what amperage it can deliver.


  • All esp’s are like modern controllers are only 3.3V tolerant, the 5v on the grove is for the grove Standered and for sensors that still require 5v.