Is it possible to connect two M5Atom with a cable...

  • Hello,

    Is it possible to connect two M5Atom with a cable by UART - without any additional equipment?
    "White" socket used to connect sensors?
    Possibly with an interleaved cable?
    And using interrupts?

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  • Depends what you what you want to achieve.
    If you mean to connect for programming/flashing the module - probably not.
    You would need to reconfigure the UART0 to pin 26/32 - I'm not even sure this can be done.
    If you just want to connect a "serial console" to communicate with your own running program then yes.
    You just need to set up UART1 or 2 to GPIO26 and 32 in your own program.
    Your console must be 3.3V TTL though

  • Sorry!
    For some reason I completely overlooked that you wanted to connect two devices together.

    So the answer is yes! Get a Grove cable:

    Remove/cut the the red (+5v) wire and setup the UARTs on both devices with "crossover" pin-config.

    • Device A UARTx Tx=32 Rx=26
    • Device B UARTx Tx=26 Rx=32

    or vice versa.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "using interrupt", but you could (with same cable) define say pin 32 as output on device A and the same pin as an input defined to an interrupt on Device B and then perhaps the opposite with Pin 26