M5 Tough Can't Dim Screen

  • I think I've Tried Everything:
    a) M5.SetBrightness is tied to an ESP pin. No good
    b) M5.Axp.ScreenBreath(x), whatever that is for, is not it. It also ends on an esp pin
    c) m5.Axp.SetLcdVoltage(vvvv) and M5.Axp.SetDCVoltage(2,vvvv); don't do anything.
    d) M5.Axp.SetDCDC3 won't turn the backlight on/off.

    This is all I could find and try. M5 tough uses AXP192 but doesn't have anything connected to DCDD3. My M5Tough_Master library is not for this screen it seems. I'm out of magic.
    Any help would be appreciated by me and the battery..

  • Hello @KirkThomas1

    see this thread.


  • SOLVED. Controlling LCD voltage directly works like a charm. Thanks Felix :-)