PoECAM - Building Examples

  • Just a heads up for anyone trying to build the PoeCAM examples or the Ethernet examples.

    Ensure the board is set to M5Stack-Timer-CAM not PoE CAM.

    Additionally the Ethernet-Stream example needs the network.h header lines 16-17 altered as below else it will not compile

    static ip4_addr_t ip_addr; // For platform = espressif32@ ^3.5.0
    //static esp_ip4_addr_t ip_addr; // For platform = espressif32@ ^5.1.0

    Ardunio Studio v2 (linux)

    boards package
    esp32 v1.06 boards

    PoECam lib v0.0.2
    PoECAM ethernet lib v3

    Ext_PIN_1 is at GPIO 33 a simple example of polling a PIR sensor is below :

    #include <Arduino.h>
    void setup() {
       pinMode(33, INPUT_PULLUP);
    void loop() {

    not a 100% sure about the pull-up resistor but I have a vague feeling I read it somewhere, and well it works.

    If anyone knows any other helpful tips, links to examples etc please reply to this thread I am by no means an expert !

    maybe we can get it stickyed or add to the documentation