coreInk can but uiflow doesnt

  • This is a list of things what the COREINK can do but is not supported by UIFLOW.
    Please fix.

    Add to the list.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
    thanx : )

    • Text Wrap (error messages display with textwrap - no such function in uiflow)
    • Grey colour (m5 test program clock shows greyscale - no such function in uiflow)
    • external API (there is one example of the corePaper showing google calendar, connected via the google api - no such function or setup not documented in uiflow)

    #coreink #uiflow

  • Hello @EBKsuper

    M5CoreInk only has a 1-bit display, e.g. black and white. Check the documentation here. In chapter 1.1 Overview is reads: ...and has 1-bit white/black full display capabilities...

    The 'grayscale' you see in the clock demo is when power is removed from the display in the wrong sequence which then washes it out giving the impression of grayscale. I know, it fooled me too.


  • @ebksuper You use the Execute block for external API's or premed Micropython libs.