Core S3 Micropython

  • Hi

    I have a Core2 S3 and wondered if it can run Python. The library for the Arduino IDE seems to be at a Pre-release stage. I've heard that python is better for the S3 as it is being developed more but I cannot find any tutorials.


  • @bipman UIFlow is Micropython which is what is used on many other controllers.
    You don’t have to use the UIFlow front end IDE, you can use backend IDE’s like thonny to directly access Micropython

  • Ah, understood thanks. I'm just trying to get VScode to work with it.

  • vscode requires plugins to work and I've not been successful with it

  • Same here. Hoping to see increased support in this forum for the CoreS3 - there isnt even a CoreS3 top level category under the PRODUCTS/Cores threads yet

    Received mine today.

    Demo looks great! Hoping to use something other than the Arduino environment to program it, soon.

  • Arduino isn't the only way to program it. You can program it using UIFlow2.xAlpha or any IED that supports micropython.