M5StickC-Plus changes in version 1.1

  • (I originally posted in General forum but had little response, here is probably more appropriate)

    There was an update in December 2021 to M5StickC-Plus that is reported on the C-Plus docs page as:

    "Added hibernation and wake-up functions, and changed version to v1.1"
    from: https://docs.m5stack.com/en/core/m5stickc_plus

    I have the original M5StickC-Plus. Are the changes to v1.1 related to new hardware, new firmware or new libraries? Can these new functions be used with the original M5StickC-Plus through an update? Can you link to the documentation for the changes too?



  • I ordered another C-Plus today and got the v1.1 revision as expected. There's a difference on the label - Sleep/Wake has been added next to the RTC box, see below. I would like to know what the relevance of this change is. 0_1676992885844_M5Stick-Cplus diffs.jpg