Typo in RTC methods getDate and setDate

  • When I try to compile the RTC example, in the M5StickC-Plus examples on github (https://github.com/m5stack/M5StickC-Plus/blob/f4f2ef8c3619fed4c430ce6e1f486c5c63f7c09e/examples/Basics/RTC/RTC.ino) I get:

    RTCTest:38:12: error: 'class RTC' has no member named 'SetDate'; did you mean 'SetData'?
    RTCTest:49:12: error: 'class RTC' has no member named 'GetDate'; did you mean 'GetData'?

    Looks like the method is misspelled in

    class RTC {
    void SetData(RTC_DateTypeDef* RTC_DateStruct);
    void GetData(RTC_DateTypeDef* RTC_DateStruct); //oops!

    This typo isn't in the github repo, "Latest commit f4f2ef8 on Oct 1, 2022", but it hasn't been pushed to the IDE v0.0.8 M5StickCPlus library, which is the latest available for Arduno IDE 1.x.

    Feature Request: I would be nice is the RTC methods used standard C++ struct tm, you wouldn't have to mess with swapping the struct members around when you get a standard struct tm back from the NTP library. Maybe I'll make some functions to convert the data types and post them on github.