IMU thinks its in a baseball! Gyro wild fluctuations...why?

  • I am tracking the XYZ rotation using the IMU that comes with the Core2. Reading as fast as FlowUI will loop.
    These are sequential readings over less than one second :
    {"deviceName":"M5-Integer-Device","readings":[{"value":{"x":"-71.267","y":"0.26","z":"-14.198"}}]} {"deviceName":"M5-Integer-Device","readings":[{"value":{"x":"-174.336","y":"2.061","z":"-12.275"}}]} {"deviceName":"M5-Integer-Device","readings":[{"value":{"x":"-9.313","y":"16.855","z":"-42.947"}}]}

    These readings would indicate the unit is tracking a knuckleball, but it is stationary.

    What is going on?

    How do I calibrate or reset it?