Atom S3 with UIFlow

  • I've got 2 of the new Atom S3s on order, but I'm not seeing them listed in UIFlow. I do see in the docs at one place it specifies UIFlow 2, but there doesn't seem to be any documentation on that either. Is there an estimate when the S3 will be supported?

  • We are still in 2022, you will need to wait till the end of Jan 2023 for that information.

  • How I can get the api key for uiflow 2 ?

  • You need to erase the Stamp S3 ore Atom S3 and install UIFlow2 Alpha firmware and then in M5Burner use config to view at the API code

  • Is there a way to get Atom S3 running with the UiFlow 1, at least until some basic networking support is implemented in UiFlow 2? Currently it seems we have to choose between buying older hardware (Atom Matrix/Lite) that has mature UiFlow feature set OR buying newer hardware (Atom S3 / Atom S3 Lite) and waiting unknown amounts of time until the features we need are implemented.

  • The S3 runs a different core system than the normal core and so like UIFlow 2 A is still Work in progress.
    While UIFlow 2 is working to a degree, every week more and more functions will be added and tested.
    Once the S3 Gen is completely supported, the earlier cores will be added in and UIFlow 2 will eventually replace UIFLow 1.
    The Problem also lies with the C3 gen in that they also have difference core.

  • Then probably the fact that Atom S3 currently supports only tiny subset of UIFlow features should be made clearer in the product description. I bought an Atom Matrix for a DIY watering project, was fairly impressed with the device (and the whole M5Stack concept) and decided that small local display for current humidity etc would be even better. So I bought the new AtomS3 (described as supporting UIFlow development platform) and currently can't connect it neither to my Watering sensors nor the MQTT data collection server. I will switch my development back to the Matrix and will be looking forward to switch it again when the features I need will be supported in UIFlow 2