OLED Module with CORE2-AWS fonts/text/libraries for micropython

  • I'm running a CORE2-AWS with the OLED module using micropython via UIFlow, and coding in micropython directly using VisualCode ( not Blockly ).

    Surfing around the net I see a lot of people with large fonts, scrolling and other things in the OLED. Most of what I found is in C / C++ and so on, which I know nothing about. I have found a few libraries, but no documenting on how to use them.

    So far I have made my own side scrolling and vertical scrolling functions, but I'm looking for things like larger / different fonts than unit.OLED has to offer.

    I realize a lot of people are using C and other platforms and such, but to be honest I'm ok with micropython and I'd rater spend my time making things than learning a new language with such a steep learning curve. I'm here to have fun, not re-create the stress of my job during my down time :)

    Any suggestions ?

  • @delchi Several font had to be removed due to space constraints in the firmware. Hopefully UIFlow 2.0 will fix these issues by cleaning up the firmware.

  • @ajb2k3 Good to know. Thanks!