M5StickC-Plus USB/Driver Issues (able to flash but not read/write to device via USB)

  • Just got my first M5Stack device but unfortunately, I'm not able to use USB functionality on my M5StickC. I have updated the FTDI driver to the most recent driver. I am able to get it to burn by manually selecting the correct COM port in M5Burner (wont automatically find com port per user guide). But I am still unable to read/write the device file structure through USB/VS Code/Arduino IDE's.

    I have followed instructions set by M5Stack/FTDI to a tee, but am still unable to get the M5StickC to work in USB mode properly. I have reset the device multiple times, re-installed drivers, re-flashed, but unfortunately nothing is working.

    In VSCODE when I select my M5stack it doesnt show the file structure, but if I click "COM" in the lower left corner and "reset" the device it works. So from what I gather it is able to write to the device but not read the device.

    Any help is greatly appreciated! This is a very cool device, and cloud read/write works, but I need USB functionality to work to be able to use VS Code.

    I have attached screenshots below to help see whats going on. Thank you for any help! Been a bit frustrating! for me

    M5StickC Port Settings 1

    M5StickC Port Settings 2

    M5StickC Serial Converter Port Settings 1

    M5StickC Serial Converter Port Settings 2

    VS Code add device

    How VS Code looks after COM device is added - note that there is no file structure populated for the M5StickC device

  • Doesnt looks like the screenshots posted. Here's an imgur link to the snips: https://imgur.com/a/qprcseo

  • Have you got 3 devices connected at the same time? If not you need to remove the drivers and reinstall
    , there should only be one port

  • @ajb2k3 Those devices are other control boxes for my CPU/Desk Lighting. Ive tried the removing and re-installing drivers a couple times now

  • was able to get this resolved be removing/re-installing the drivers a bunch of times. Appreciate the assist!