M5StickC Driver problem ?

  • Hello to all,
    I have just registered on the forum and I need your help.
    I have just bought an M5StickC and a Core 2.
    I can't get them to connect to M5 burner ("Check your COM and retry")
    I am running Windows and the driver is installed (FTDI

    What did I miss?
    Thanks in advance,

  • @david95 I'm using Mac and can get the M5StickCplus working nicely. But cannot get the Core2 to connect over the serial port. I have had issues with the USB-C and power on some ESP devices. You might play with different cables, such as USB-A to USB-C vs straight UCB-C.

  • @david95 During covid, the FTDI chip was changed in several models requiring the user of a second driver needing to be installed.
    You need to install the chaser FTDI driver.

    @konacurrents I have the core 2 running OK on the M1 Mac Not all USB cables are the same and I'm connecting to the Mac via a Satechi IO hub.

  • Im having the same issue with my M5stick. I have updated the FTDI driver to the most recent driver. I am able to get them to burn by manually selecting the correct COM port. But I am unable to read/write the device file structure through USB/VS Code/Arduino IDE's.

    I have followed instructions set by M5Stack/FTDI to a tee, but am still unable to get the M5StickC to work in USB mode properly. I have reset the device multiple times, re-installed drivers, re-flashed, but unfortunately nothing is working.

    In VSCODE when I select my M5stack it doesnt show the file structure, but if I click "COM" in the lower left corner and reset the device it works. So from what I gather it is able to write to the device but not read the device.

    @ajb2k3 Ive done some searching and I am unable to find the chaser FTDI driver. Do you have a link or thread I could check out so that I can give it a shot?

  • I am a little ashamed, it was not a driver problem.
    In M5burner I didn't give the information about the wifi which prevented me to burn my M5Stick. It's confusing, the error message is about a port problem.
    Thank you all for your answers