I can't understand Commu module lol

  • I have a question for you.I am currently writing a program to receive CAN data using M5Stack.
    ①Receive CAN data
    ②Display received data on the display
    ③View data in real time
    I created the above program on Friday.After confirming that the program ran normally, I turned off the M5Stack.
    However, when I tried to check the operation of M5Stack again on Saturday morning, I could not receive CAN data.
    I decided that the newly rewritten program was bad, so I reverted to the program that was working properly before, but I still can't receive CAN data. Rewriting the previous program to another M5Stack worked fine. However, when I checked the operation again after an hour, both CAN data stopped being received.
    I'm having trouble finding the cause right now. The terminating resistor is 120Ω connected in parallel with the 120Ω of the commu module, and the combined resistance is 60Ω.
    If anyone knows the cause, please let me know.