Stamp ext IO2 How to program for both Input and Output and RGB on same unit

  • Stamp ext IO2...Arduino IDE library: extio.setAllPinMode(DIGITAL_OUTPUT_MODE); ALL PINS at once?
    How to program one pin for RGB, another Input and another Output, etc?
    Does not look like RGB supports string of more than one LED.

    Please help, Terry.

  • Hello @teastain

    yes, it looks like M5Stack engineers only provided a function to set the mode of all pins at together. Shouldn't be too hard to make a function which allows to set the mode of each pin individually though.

    RGB mode: yes, that is what I found as well. Only one LED per pin.


  • Hello @T teastain

    M5Stamp C3 programming examples

  • Hi @teastain I am currently started a guide for the EXT I/O 2 units so give me a week to see what I find.

  • @felmue Thanks for responding Felix!
    I am looking to hack the library, or my bad habit of dismantling one and putting the needed components "in-line" with the other code of the Main Loop in the Arduino IDE, but I admit that I am "Underwhelmed" by M5Stack's firmware and GitHub examples!!!
    I would LOVE to access the STM controller directly and make the ext IO2 be a sta
    nd alone processor, but whoa!
    I'll keep in touch...Terry