Extending ribbon cable on camera module Timer Cam x

  • Hi, for a dissertation project I am trying to extend the ribbon cable length of the OV3660 on the M5stack Timer Cam X. I am aware that other sites offer similar cameras with a cable length up to 75mm but I am unsure about the compatibility with the ESP32 and would ideally need the cable length between 100mm - 150mm.

    We have attempted extending the cable using a breakout board but every time we test it the device turns itself off.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has been successful with extending the cable and how it was achieved. Any advice would be very appreciated.


  • Hi Jaz, I've been using OV2640 lens module with an 8" ribbon w/o any issues. The OV3660 is very similar in power usage.... Breakout board is probably causing you problems. I contacted a manufacturer in China. They made a special 8" mold for me to create the 8" OV2640. I've purchased almost 50 of the 8" lenses and have had no performance issues. I have not asked them to create an OV3660 8" yet.....

  • Hi, there We appreciate your feedback! we haven't tested it yet and we will share this with our team:)