MQTT POE Unit as standalone?

  • Can the MQTT POE unit be run as standalone? Or does it need to be plugged into a base? I am just trying to make a simple POE light switch hooked up to a relay and control it via MQTT through homeassistant. I originally purchased the ATOM POE assuming i could program the ESP to do MQTT. Now I see the MQTT POE unit has been released which may be a better fit for me.

  • Hello @chune

    I don't have an MQTT PoE Unit, so my conclusion might be incorrect.

    From the description I gather that a host is required, which talks via serial connection (UART) to the MQTT PoE Unit, to do the setup etc. Also the MQTT PoE Unit only has two connectors, Ethernet and UART - so without a host I don't think you can connect a relay.


  • the host is required.

  • so what MQTT specific hardware does this unit contain? How does this differ from the ATOM POE? If a host is required either way, wouldn't the MQTT be running on the host and not this MQTT POE unit?

  • Host use UART(AT Command) communication with the MQTT Unit. The MQTT Client is running on the Unit side.

    AtomPoE are use SPI Interface communication with the built-in W5500 Chip.