UWB U100 slow positioning/ranging behavior

  • I've been working with the M5Stack U100 UWB modules for indoor positioning.

    Initial tests were promising, but as we moved to a more radio-noisy indoor environment, the tag-antenna-distance takes multiple updates (5-6 total, which occur at ~0.75Hz with interval set to 5) to reach a stable level.

    This means that the position is only reliable after ~6 seconds, which is far too slow for our intended use-case (realtime tracking people stage presence in an XY-plane), even with IMU position estimation.

    The indoor tests were done with an anchor (M5StickC as master device) in each corner of the room. Each anchor was approximately 10m away (diagonally) from the center of the room.

    It seems as if there is some type of filtering (moving average?) happening to the final distance outputted by the U100 module. Is this the intended behaviour, or is there a way to speed up ranging/get raw readings?