Bala2 UI-FLOW start-up issue

  • Bala2 Quickstartup, Did anybody tried to use UI-FLOW for bala2 , I have lot of trouble in finding the code blocks. The product mentions the block 'M5 Bala2Start' and I did not find any where this in Bala module and no new module Bala2 not found. Certainly confirm that product documentation is very week and not clear what to do.

  • @siva Old thread but yes, however I had to send commands to the bala2 manually as there is no module for it at the moment.

    However I am seeing some odd problems with power, everything is fine when USB is connected but without it, eventually the combined grey+bala2 (or core2+bala2) gets in to a state where the power button cannot turn it on anymore until the controller is briefly removed and stacked on again. Once that is done it immediately can be turned on again. This doesn't seem to be a UIFlow issue though as ESP-IDF and Arduino sketches do the same thing.