Core2 Proto Perf Board

  • Is there a stackable proto board for the Core2 similar to the one for the original M5Stack? The only one I've been able to find doesn't have the correct pinouts labeled.

    Though mis-labeled, will the M001 board match up with the Core2 dimensions?

  • Hello @stanely

    I don't know of a Proto board specifically for M5Core2.

    And yes, the M001 Proto board works fine with the M5Core2 (mechanically and electrically). The only 'issue' is the incorrect labeling of some pins.

    Maybe this comparison sheet I've put together a while ago can help.

    Happy Stacking!

  • @felmue I got some of these proto boards model M001, and it was a real mistake. They don't break out any bus signals, so you have to solder tack on tiny wires to the inaccessible surface-mount headers. Ugh. This is a poorly-designed and hard to use proto board. All they had to do is add a couple through-hole rows with the bus signals. I have yet to find a single example of someone actually using this proto board to build something useful.

  • Hello @stanely

    sorry about that. I am used to solder SMD components by hand (with the help of a magnifier glass) so for me soldering to the surface mount headers isn't really an issue.

    I use one proto board with the battery connectors broken out so I can measure power consumption and another proto board where I have TX, RX, GPIO0, EN and GND broken out so I can use it to flash one of my cores where I accidentally killed the onboard USB UART chip.


  • @felmue I found the M024 M-BUS Connection proto board. It looks like the bus is available on two rows. I think this is the thing to use for connecting to the bus.