UIFlow BIG FONT for Core 2...

  • UIFlow more font type must be. The biggest letter need to be much bigger than 48... We use it for our health (Under nightscout watching and following our blood sugar level) and need to be seenable from 3-4m far away. Please add some big at least number character....

  • thank you feedback, we are work on it. we will provide bigger letter font in the future update.


  • @dam Currently, the memory size is not large enough to hold fonts that are too large. We have still not found a suitable solution.

  • I programmed so many m5 stack core2 using the UI FLOW web ide.

    The problem is my prev codes are not working in the newly burned core2V1.9.0
    [M5 stack device]

    For example, I used lcd.font(lcd.FONT_DejaVu18) for font adjustment.
    But now UIflow web ide not showing that option.Only LCD.font(LCD.FONT_Default) is working.

    when i used lcd.font(lcd.FONT_DejaVu18) , m5 stack core2 showing error


    Also, can I get older version firmware for m5 stack core2 from the m5 burner.?

  • @m5stack - hey, creators of M5stack, please think twice. To cancel the commonly used and settled features of old SW releases - eg fonts - is not the best strategy of M5stack evolution I guess. The customers easily lose the trust when stealing them features that have been promised on the beginning.

    In our company (producer of smart home technologies), we newer cut the original features that was promised/agreed.
    I am little bit sad by this font-cut-situation as we are using Core2 modules for rapid prototyping in our labs - almost all our pre-prepared programs stopped working by FW update :-(

    My workaround: In case of 2-digit Integer numbers 0-99% I used large .png pictures 0...9 eg. 200x130px and parse that integer and display it digit-by-digit.

  • In the online Beta version I can only set lcd.Font to default, no other choice.
    This discussion is about saving memory but, the fonts are there, I can set them on the labels and they have 10 options.
    Why are these options not the same fonts for lcd and for labels?
    In blockly there seems to be no other way to dynamicly create text.

  • I just did a test and the Font exists and can be used this is a GUI bug in the editor.
    I created a custom block that made an execure block that inserts the code


    and it runs just fine on my Core2 with latest firmware.
    Im new to this system so I do not know where to report bugs and if this is actively developed.

  • @hnerik-schmidt said in UIFlow BIG FONT for Core 2...:


    This works, just tried with execute code-block, but for some unknown reason using Unicode font (single size only 24pt) with execute code block:
    causes error 'TFT' object has no attribute 'Font_Unicode'.

    DejaVu18 works also. Would be nice to have working unicode-fonts, at least here around the Baltic Sea we need dotted A and O.