UIFlow .m5f demo/repository/store call it as you want

  • hi , i really like the hardware part , and the UIflow , but for beginners example on core2 , only 1 démo...

    i understand that you are apparently focused on release a lot of hardware , but software part is important.
    if you don't have time/developpers etc.. to provide prébuid UIFlow apps/demo/solution . what do you think on the idea to let the community help/participate by sending/sharing their apps to a "Store" like (i prefer calling it a repository) then new customers will have a lot of demo/apps/pré build things to start thier projects.

    for example , i have had to create a Github repository to share my own UIflow programs (network surveillance,etc) , if it was possible i would share directly on UIflow interface to share with others how to do it with UIFlow environement etc.

    imagine lots of mini games etc ..

    kind regards.