Works with Chromebook?

  • I'm considering using UIFlow to teach microcontroller programming to high school students. Many of them will be using Chromebooks. Has the browser version of UIFlow been tested with Chromebook OS?

  • Yes! the browser version of UIflow (web/cloud) does work on my chromebook.

    What you might experience problems is with the m5burner.
    If you have intel based chromebooks you will be able to run it on crostini/linux beta.

  • And i just tested with the offline UIFLOW Desktp IDE with an intel based Chromebook and it works on linux beta.
    You only need to install libnss3

  • our engineer is work on the chrome OS compatible problem. so before we fixed it, we still suggest you use win10/MacOS/ubuntu. thank you

  • Thanks very much! A simple workaround me is to use m5burner on a separate non-chrome machine to load the firmware, and then have the students upload programs via wifi connection. Thanks!

  • @m5stack Hey everyone! First post here. Is the full support problem regarding Chrome OS solved? I would like to know if I could flash a M5Stick CPlus on a Chromebook or not. As far as I've read, I can program one via browserbased UIFlow on Chromebooks only...