M5Paper cannot be activated on battery

  • I recently got three M5Paper.

    Two are working perfectly well, but one has a huge problem. It won't switch on if on battery.
    As soon as I connect USB I can activate it, and after unplugging USB it just runs fine on battery.
    But as soon as I switch it off it cannot be reactivated again. No problems at all with the other two decives.

    Already tried flashing newest firmware. No resolution.

  • Hello @Zerginator

    the factory test firmware, in the Test screen has a button test (test nr. 9). Does that test work for all three positions of the button, including pushing it in?

    That said, if you run the exact same code on all three M5Paper and only one fails to power on when running from battery I'd say that one M5Paper is probably defective. I'd contact the store and ask for a replacement.


  • Yes it is working in test screen.
    It also reacts to power on button as soon, as a USB power source is plugged in.

    Looks very much like some strange hardware defect, as the other two devices are working perfectly well.

  • Hello @Zerginator

    well, when you plug in USB power the device turns itself on automatically. (No need to press the power button.)

    So, it looks like the connection from the power button to the ESP32 GPIO38 is ok (as seen with the factory test firmware). However the secondary function (power on while on battery power) which should switch on the MOSFET seems to be broken.

    This very much looks like a hardware defect to me.