NFC PN532 grove v1.1 - M5PAPER

  • hello
    i want to connect a NFC PN532 grove to my M5paper on the UART PORT C
    i installed the library :
    but i have this error : Didn’t find PN53x board

    this is my code :
    #include <NfcAdapter.h>
    #include <PN532/PN532/PN532.h>
    #include <M5EPD.h>

    #include <PN532/PN532_SWHSU/PN532_SWHSU.h>
    #include "SoftwareSerial.h"
    //HardwareSerial Serial1(1);

    #define RX_PIN 18
    #define TX_PIN 19
    #define BAUD_RATE 57600
    SoftwareSerial SWSerial(RX_PIN, TX_PIN);
    PN532_SWHSU pn532swhsu(SWSerial);
    NfcAdapter nfc(pn532swhsu);

    void setup(void) {
    Serial1.println("NDEF begin");
    Serial1.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1,RX_PIN, TX_PIN);
    // Serial1.begin(BAUD_RATE, RX_PIN, TX_PIN, SWSERIAL_8N1, false, 95, 11);
    Serial1.println("NDEF Reader");

    void loop(void) {
    SERIAL.println("\nScan a NFC tag\n");
    if (nfc.tagPresent()) {
    NfcTag tag =;

  • Global Moderator

    the NFC PN532 is a grove sensor and not an M5Stck sensor thus we don't support it and not familiar with the way their product works, I suggest you to contact seed studio regarding this issue.

    Where did you get the software? I can see it's m5 combined with the seeedstudio sensor, did you made it yourself?