Hello had a question about making a Wi-Fi on the M5StickC

  • Hello all, I was just looking to see if anyone could give me a hand with starting a project for my M5StickC.

    I am wanting this device to travel from multiple network sites for data gathering.

    1. Initial Boot of the M5Stick
    2. Create Named Network
    3. User can connect to Named Network
    4. Web Page displays options
    5. Connect to local Wi-Fi Networks

    I've got the code for the data to and from the side of this done, I just am needing a hand figuring out this side of the device code. Thank you in advance if anyone posts up a response. This is again for research data. We are sending temps, etc to and from our site in the end, but want people to be able to come within the device's range and ping into its network to be able to acquire this data as well. I have gotten this done on an aduino in the past.